Education Games

Math Master

How well do you know your addition? Play this game to find out.

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Text Twist 2

Shuffle the letters and rack your brain for ingenious word combinations.

Tingly Brain Trainer

Improve your memory, reaction speed, logic, and focus! Tingly Brain Trainer features multiple games in each category. Play Pattern Tap and Same Symbol for memorization challenges, and move quickly in Arrow Swipe and Fast Click. Boost your sorting, matchin

1010 Deluxe

Arrange the shapes in perfect rows and columns to score! In 1010 Deluxe, you must take your Tetris skills to the next level.


Play this simple yet challenging numbers game. Move the tiles and join numbers to try to reach the goal of 4096. Good luck!

Sushi Rush

Be a master sushi chef with 30 different sushi recipes in a sushi-go-round table. Combine with a puzzle game play, serve as many customers as you can.