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Goat Kart Racer

See how fast you can go in Goat Kart Racer! Collect coins and power-ups on the track, while avoiding obstacles!

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Magic Card Saga

Play a fun and challenging solitaire game while traveling through the Caribbean.


Head out to the Wild West and stake your claim in Boomtown. Collect as much gold, silver, copper, and gems as you can before the chain reaches the ravine.


Help the Galactic Armada by collecting much needed minerals to fuel their war depots. Group identical minerals in groups of 3 or more to collect them.

Highway Getaway

Zig Zag through the streets while collecting as much money as you can. Try not to crash!

Mafia Slots

Become a Mafia Don in Mafia Slots. Earn credits by matching the reels to the payline. As you earn credits you advance from a small time thug to a mafia boss Don.

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